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Solar Powered Shed Light 5 Super Bright LEDs With Pull Cord On /off Switch


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  • Rechargeable Solar Powered Shed Light with 5 Super Bright LED
  • Up to 6 Hours Use when Fully Charged – Pull Cord On/Off Switch
  • Install Anywhere – No Wiring Required – All Fittings Supplied
  • Simple and easy to Install with no maintenance. Eco-friendly
  • Solar Shed Light is ideal for illuminating outdoor buildings in an eco-friendly way.

353 in stock



The Solar Powered Garden Shed Light is Ideal for Any Shed, Garage or Greenhouse

Designed as an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to conventional electrical supplies, the Solar Powered Garden Shed Lights an ideal solution where providing lighting where it can be most difficult. This Outdoor and Garden Building light features 5 Super Bright LED’s to brighten up even the darkest of spaces. Once installed, the Solar Powered LED Garden Shed Light is easy to use, with a simple pull cord to switch the light on and off, and a day’s full charge providing up to 6 hours of light.

The long-life LEDs can last up to 100,000 hours, that’s over 11 years of continuous light so you should not have to replace this shed light any time soon. The rechargeable AA batteries included in the lamps bases are recharged by the solar panel so you can even turn them on when there’s no sun in the sky. No more stumbling around in the dark, no more hunting for new batteries for your torch Even a moderately bright day will provide you with enough light for an evening’s usage.


The Solar Powered Garden Shed Light is quick and easy to install. Simply attach the base of the solar panel to any surface that is facing the sun with just 2 screws or using the sticky pads. This then connects via a waterproof connection into the lighting unit which can be fixed inside your shed or other suitable space. The light unit can be easily screwed to a wall by removing the cover and placing 2 screws through 2 pre-drilled holes in the casing or again by using the sticky pads.


No longer will you need to search around your shed in the dark, or keep replacing torch batteries! An external solar panel is provided, and this will need to be mounted outside during the day to recharge the shed light. To do this, a small hole may need to be drilled through the wall of your building to accommodate the connecting cable. When you wish to switch the light on, simply pull the cord switch and watch your building be illuminated.


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